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Jewelry and the Connection to Others

chris wrightComment

For seventeen years I have had the wonderful privilege of helping individuals with jewelry purchases.  These gifts that were then passed along to others have had a profound effect on the ones receiving and the ones giving.  It amazes me how often I hear the phrase "when I wear this bracelet, or ring, or earrings, I think of the one that gave it to me".  Jewelry connects us, it connects us to a moment, or to a specific loved one, or to a celebration.  Jewelry has the ability to connect and for that reason I appreciate and take with great honor the part I have in the process of jewelry giving.  Jewelry is considered a great treasure, but the value it represents is not merely the value of the metal and stones, but rather the worth of what it symbolize, and who you think of when you look at it.  We hope that our collection of Silver Jewelry can be given with the idea of capturing and enjoying specific times and celebrations in life's journey.  Enjoy